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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pop-Up Store

A "pop-up store" is: unique, spontaneous, fun, interesting, innovative, cool, a moment, just what you need...

Are you a lover of retro-vintage furniture, must-have knick knacks or rare eclectic pieces of art?  Madrid In Love presents its fourth edition of its pop-up store this Christmas season with a unique collection of discovered treasures found as a result of various trips and adventuring throughout Europe.  This short-lasting store includes aged wooden pieces, dispainted iron, floating bicycles, metal letters, and many other type of objects for the out of the box type of client with a love for things out of context.  Authentic pieces can also be found by anonymous and well known designers of limited edition or series production.

Staying true to its name and idea of spontaneity, the Pop-Up Store only lasts for two weeks.  Don´t need furniture? Then hop on down to find some creative Christmas decorations that will surely give your house a splendid holiday pop-up touch.

The old factory Hermanos la Marca on Calle Fernando VI, 10

December 1-14, Monday-Saturday from 11:00-20:30

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