La Sirena Madrileña
Swapping the sea, coral reefs, rocks, and water for the city, cafes, restaurants, and streets of what is now my sea...Madrid
The Madrid Mermaid

Madrid at the Moment

A glimpse a day keeps the curious to stay..

What´s happening right now in Madrid? What curious things are going on in the street? Who´s that character? Where´s that shop? Who drew that? Who wrote that? Who sings that? Who had that idea?

We now live in a world that is so dependent on the visual aspect of things that just an image in itself can tell a story, give an idea, or provoke a thought.

Madrid at the moment will give you a feeling of what is going on in the city right here, right now.



Inspirational and delicious photos from blog "Kiss My Spatula"

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All pictures from website: Madrid Fusión 2012

Amazing photography from inspirational blog "Kiss My Spatula"



My little escape to La Rioja...