La Sirena Madrileña
Swapping the sea, coral reefs, rocks, and water for the city, cafes, restaurants, and streets of what is now my sea...Madrid
The Madrid Mermaid

Street Life

The Madrileños are famous for being lovers of the street and the vibrant life that exists outside the home.  Rain, snow, storm, sun, wind...these factors do not change the love the people of Madrid have for enjoying the many wonderful social gatherings the city has to offer.  

The passion for the outside life goes hand in hand with the passion for dressing well.  There is never an ordinary day in Madrid for the Madrileños.  When they step outside, they step out with style and class.  Through their style and individuality, the Madrileños are always ready, willing, and confident to show what they are about when making their presence on the street.