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Monday, December 12, 2011

Dim lighting and Rare art

Naive art: the artistic art movement characterized by ingenuity and spontaneity; the style is characterized by contrasting colors and designs, surreal, dream-like world, representations of childhood fantasies that strike a nostalgic chord

What could this all be about?

NAIF is just the name of this hidden treasure on the street of Santa Barbara in Malasaña.  The dim lighting actually welcomes the curious window peeker to step inside and spend a whole afternoon into this cozy cafe slash bar by sipping on a big cup of cappuccino or green tea.  The walls of the high ceilinged cafe are dappled with works of art by local naif artists of Madrid´s most eclectic and friendly neighborhood, Malasaña.  

Owner Jose María told me that the typical customer is usually the hard working and ambitious university student who will tend to come and spend hours working away.  Let me not forget to mention that the MacBooks and iPads of the modern young customer also add to the decor.  Naif seems to be an incubator of creative thoughts and ideas that stem from its surreal yet comforting environment that the typical customer cannot help but adore.  As you let your creative juices flow, don´t hesitate and order one of Naif´s gourmet snacks to keep you thinking away...everyone respects each other´s quiet time so don´t worry about the noise becoming a distraction.  Do you have an assignment due tomorrow? Grab your MacBook and come join the creative thinking forces at Naif.  A strong cup of cappuccino is waiting for you!

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