La Sirena Madrileña
Swapping the sea, coral reefs, rocks, and water for the city, cafes, restaurants, and streets of what is now my sea...Madrid
The Madrid Mermaid

Who is La Sirena Madrileña?

Inflicted with wanderlust, enthralled by adventure, fascinated with languages, impacted by experiences, cultured by living internationally...
I, Sophie Winckel am the Sirena Madrileña.  I am originally from Orange County, San Juan Capistrano California. This blog arose out of my love and passion for living in Madrid.  It is a guide and a source of interest for those who have never been to this city, seeking an authentic experience.  For those who are already locals, this blog will only further enhance the satisfaction one has for living in a city where culture, tradition, and eclecticism form to create a very balanced and positive lifestyle.  My spontaneous adventures throughout Madrid enable me to discover hidden spots, interesting people, and inspiration worthy to write about.  

That authentic experience is one of the most rewarding satisfactions I have while sauntering through the vibrant capital of Spain.  The greatest lessons and most diverse experiences are found with an open mind and a willing spirit.  My most important tool along my journey is my camera.  My very own images that I capture are what give the spark to what I write about. My curiosity and appetite for my new home are what truly guide me in the right direction to finding places where my tastes and desires always seem to be met.  

As the Sirena Madrileña, my adventures are not only about what I see and where I go, but about how the journey has shaped me...

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