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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Taste of Tea

Step into a majestic salon of tea: BOMEC, el paladar del té. Am I in New York, am I in Hong Kong, am I in Tokyo, France, or...Madrid?  Tea has for years been an ancient health remedy. From the gardens of the emperors of the dynasties to the decadent parties of Marie Antoinette, the concept of tea has always been associated with many uses: an excuse for a social gathering, a meeting, a foreign affair, or simply a tea party...  

Madrid has its very own salón de té where teas can be tasted from many exotic regions of Asia and France.  If you aren´t a tea lover, you can also enjoy one of BOMEC´s cocktails.  Not only can tea be slowly slipped in the lounge, but it can be also be purchased upon your departure. BOMEC tea lounge isn´t your typical tea lounge so step on in and discover your flavor.


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