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Friday, September 16, 2011

Classy yet sassy? Books and wine?

A glass of wine, a good read, or both...? Tipos Infames is the name of this vinoteca and librería located in Madrid´s most funky neighborhood Malasaña.  Are you in the mood to discover a new author or join a book club while at the same time be able to discover one of Spain´s most prized gastronomical treasures, wine?  Tipos Infames has come up with the most ingenious evaluation of pairing a glass of wine with not only classical literature, but also the most up and coming young authors.  A place like Tipos Infames invites you to be adventurous, to put aside the kindles and iPads for a moment and enjoy the traditional way of reading literature with a unique cultural twist.  Come be the next connoisseur of how literature can be curiously read.  Calle San Joaquin 3 

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  1. Hola Sirena, Me ha gsutado mucho tu blog! Soy Willy, el amigo de Moi que viste el otro día a punto de tomarse tres margaritas seguidas de manera compulsiva. Te dejo mi blog por si le quieres echar un vistazo. Es sobre Social Media, luego tengo una página personal y tal, pero eso es otra historia. Un saludo!