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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Corner Shop Candy Store

At Happy Day Bakery, the 1950s American dream is brought onto you like a blast from the past.  Tunes from Elvis or Big Joe Turner invite you into this colorful, cupcake, and ice cream filled meca of sweet American goodness.  Glutinous products such as Betty Crocker´s bakery goods,  Jiffy´s Peanut Butter, and every famous sugary yet scrumptious cereals can be purchased here.  The pastel colored cupcakes, the hot dog stand, and fluffy marshmellows fundamental to creating America´s famous campside dessert can also be found.  Happy Day Bakery is the über sweet maraschino cherry on top of Madrid´s artsy neighborhood Malasaña.  Whether American, Spanish, or simply a curious foreigner, a sweet tooth is universal so don´t hesistate and stop on by! Calle Espiritu Santo 11


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