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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Simplicity is art...

Alejandro Montes, winner of the best and youngest pastry chef in Spain has opened up his very own tea salon in Madrid.  Mamá Framboise is the name of the cafe where quaint French country side Provence meets chic cosmopolitan Paris.  This young pastry chef originally from the north of Spain, Asturias, says that his pastry making is both an art and a sacrifice.  The delightful pastries set out on display are evidence to what Montes says.  Hot cinnamon tea, lemon tart, or a simple buttery french croissant may be something to tease your appetite at Mamá Framboise.  The decor is very appealing, very whimsical, and oh so very French,  oooh lala!  Come enjoy it for yourself and escape into Madrid´s very own charming French getaway on Calle de Fernando VI, 23.

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