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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Street Marketing: eDreams

Ambient marketing or direct marketing are two ways to communicate directly to the public. These two types of marketing happen outside, on the street, in a bus or in the case presented above...the metro. Ambient marketing is a creative and inexpensive technique of interaction directly between the client and the company.

Thousands of people use the metro every day to get back and forth from work, school or from one point of the city to the other. People from all different backgrounds use the metro as a source of transportation every day. In the metro, you see everything, literally. Guitar players, crazy people, normal people, students, professionals, etc.

Just three months ago, as I was stepping onto the metro for my daily route back from uni, a group of people dressed up as airline stewards and pilots came in. The second I saw the eDreams logo marked clearly across the back of their uniforms, I was comforted to know that they weren´t a group of lunatics try to scare the daily metro-takers. On the contrary they were participating in ambient marketing by using the metro as a comparison to a real airplane flight about to take off. It was a surreal yet very real experience having the stewards acting in a stiff professional manner while going through the typical safety procedures no one ever seems to pay attention to on a real flight. "The pilot" of the group was very believable and did not once break a laugh while the people around him, including myself couldn´t help but stare in wonder at these complete out of context characters. Enjoy the video!

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