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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Madrid Fusión 2012

Definition of Madrid Fusión: Ideally an exposition of refined, scientifically yet thoughtfully created and beautifully invented gastronomical pieces by the most important chefs in the world...BUT to be precise an international congress of gastronomy celebrated every year in Madrid since 2003.

In January every year, Madrid becomes the gastronomical capital of the world where the most prestigious Spanish and international chefs come together to create and demonstrate their masterpieces of vanguard cuisine.  Every year Spain invites a country to come and represent their latest culture and cuisine.  This year the invitation was extended to South Korea who was represented by the young chef Yim Jung Sik.

Every year has a specific theme that concentrates on the concept of modernity and fusion involved in the application of the gastronomical process.  Madrid Fusión 2012 was called Las Puertas del Futuro, The Gates of the Future.  With this theme in mind, the chefs were taking the traditional culinary techniques to a whole other level with ways of manipulating the process while at the same time conserving the flavors by presenting them in a physical and juxtaposed form never seen before.  High on the creative pedestal, the chefs were seen taking on a three character role, all equally important as the scientist, the artist, and the inventor.  

Speaking of the theme Gates of the Future would be pointless if I did not share some of the innovative techniques used to turn traditional authentic pieces into eclectic vanguard subjects of awe and interest.
  1. Freeze-Drying
  2. Gastrovac
  3. Rotovapor
  4. Liquid Nitrogen
Because of the innovative techniques one of the many creative masterpieces was a caramelized candied olive oil drop that was put through gastrovac to eliminate it from oxygen and liquid components, leaving it as a single solid substance to be only reveled by the crowd.

10 years later, 5,315 people in total, 726 journalists present: 214 of which were foreigners and 512 Spaniards...One can imagine the success of Madrid Fusión 2012 where culinary means are considered to be the pinnacle of taste, innovation, and ultimately curiosity for what could become the norm of a new gastronomical world.

Images: Conde Nast Traveler: España online,

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