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Swapping the sea, coral reefs, rocks, and water for the city, cafes, restaurants, and streets of what is now my sea...Madrid
The Madrid Mermaid

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two months of sea and sun: La Sirena finds her way back to Madrid

Away for two months, enjoying the sea, sun, and sails, the Sirena Madrileña has found her way back to her beloved Madrid...

The shops are opening, the streets are buzzing with energy, and the people of Madrid are filling the cafes, anxious to hear the stories of the summer.  With the blanket of heat that remains over the Spanish capital, summer is not quite ready to leave. Fall may be just around the corner only because of the windows of the shops that have swapped the bright pastel hues of the summer for the mauve, brown, and  dimmed tones of autumn...Now is a time in Madrid to reminisce about the good times spent in the summer and ponder about what the city will have to offer this year....

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