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The Madrid Mermaid

Thursday, September 8, 2011


The red carpets, the clicking of heels, bow ties, cocktails, private parties, class, style, elegance...

These few words describe Madrid´s very own Fashion´s Night Out, a global event that takes place in only the most international and fashionable cities in the world. Recognized as being the most posh neighborhood of Madrid, Barrio Salamanca plays host to this incredible event every year. Already at noon time, the lights, stages, and private parties begin to be set up.  At around 8 o´clock at night after la merienda, the people of Madrid begin to strut their most prized outfits on the streets of Madrid.  All parties take place within the shops animated with music, fashionable people, and fruity mixed drinks.  At around 1 o´clock in the morning the shops begin to close while the social butterflies of the night continue on with the festivities...A night that takes place only one time a year, but certainly something not to be missed.

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