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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Everything in One: Mercado de San Antón

Mercado de San Antón is a new project that was just recently finished.  It is an incredible, glowing, and inspiring gastronomic meca.  Every story has something new and delicious to offer.  From fresh fish to fresh meat to pastries, food from around the world, and basically anything you are craving.  Mercado de San Antón allows you to be adventurous, who knows maybe you will end up satisfyingly passing the whole day away in this temple of glorious gastronomic enterprise.

Fresh produce, a smoothie bar, jamón serrano, tortilla española, sushi, homemade pasta?

This and more is not the only thing you will find at Mercado de San Antón.  Yes, it is a market, BUT climb a few more stairs, escalators and step onto the terrace where you can relax and enjoy a drink with dreamy views of Madrid.  On the same story as the terrace roof top, you can treat yourself to either lunch or dinner, where two restaurants are conveniently situated. 

Terraces, good food, cocktails, views of an incredible city, freshly made, inspiration, practicality, ingeniously created...

If these and more are what come to your mind when you think of having a good time then come to Mercado de San Antón and test your adventurous´s worth it.

Calle Augusto Figueroa 24

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