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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Welcome to Le Garage...
Within this chic, eclectic almost bizarre yet elegant environment, you will find everything from the most exotic cocktails to the most interesting art exposition.  Le Garage is the perfect name for what diverse range of delicacies one will come across upon entrance.  From start to finish, it is to say, from the beginning of the restaurant to the end, the ambiance changes.  At one moment you are having an exclusive cocktail with enormous antique chandeliers in an intimate yet vibrant bar environment. The next moment you may be having sushi in a more conservative atmosphere.  

 Not only are your taste buds put to the test with Le Garage´s Japanese-Mediterranean fusion cuisine, but also your auditory senses, where every now and then Le Garage takes on the role of an art gallerist, supporting local or international artists.  Different pieces of art adorn the restaurant from the bar area reaching all the way to the crystal room (the most formal area of the restaurant to dine.)

Do you like to watch what you just ordered being prepared right in front of you? This restaurant also has an open kitchen which means the cook is performing the whole night long as customers pass by curiously watching what they may have to order for dinner.

Le Garage just may have something for you to discover...

Calle Valenzuela 7 

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