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Monday, April 25, 2011

A secret little paradise...

Hermosilla 26 is the address upon which you will enter into an atmosphere that can be described as magical, funky, inspiring, and charming.  Recently inaugurated, this eclectic spot has a beautiful courtyard with dainty shops offering everything from antiquities to cocktail dresses, cooking classes or simply a repose in a peaceful environment.

There are three shops that will catch your attention:

The first shop is Federica & Co. owned by an Italian woman inspired by culture, travel, gastronomy and the beauty found within antiquity.  
A native from Rome, Federica has not only lived in Spain but has also done her master in contemporary literature and art history in Columbia.  She now has created her own little paradise using her background to start her splendid business.  Within her shop, you can find unique pieces for the home, antiques, and best of all a cooking class offered morning or late afternoon.  All products used in the cooking class are grown in the garden right outside the shop.  Here Federica displays her passion for good, organic, and freshly made food.

Mimoki is another shop located within the courtyard.  It is characterized by its bright, pastel, and inviting colors.  Here one can expect to find a dress for a very special occasion.  Mimoki is also famous for its tocados, these are the exquisitely made headpieces women wear to weddings.  Feeling creatively inspired? Come two weeks ahead of time and ask to have your own tocado made!  Dainty pieces, flowy dresses, and dreamy accessories are all to be found at Mimoki...

Sister Jane is the last shop that I will mention to those who will soon wander to Hermosilla 26.  This shop has a London/American/Retro touch given to its clothes.  Prices are very reasonable for the obvious innovation put into these pieces.  Sister Jane is located right above Federica & Co.  The view from the top is a must to see the whimsically composed garden below.

I have just recently discovered Hermosilla secret little paradise...and soon to be yours!

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