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Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Ese Toque Moderno" That Modern Touch: La Gabinoteca

It's attractive, it's funky, it's hip, it's modern, it's fun, it's the "it place to be," it's vibe is contagious, IT'S LA GABINOTECA. This restaurant/bar/lounge really is a hit in Madrid.  The cuisine is Spanish-fabulous with an edgy modern touch.  The ambiance is young and energetic.  Simply, La Gabinoteca es la leche. This means that it is just way cool.

Upon entrance, one will immediately feel absorbed into the creative decor of the restaurant.  There are three different levels upon which you can choose to eat.  The cocktail zone is located at the bottom of the restaurant.  Every nook and cranny has its own unique touch.  Every table is set differently, giving each dining experience a very intimate and personal feeling.  The diverse shapes, colors, materials, and geometric forms all add to the young and energetic environment.  

If you plan on enjoying your time at La Gabinoteca for dinner during the weekend, I HIGHLY recommend arriving at 20:30.  Lines to get in start already at 20:00.  Yes, it is that popular and they do not take reservations so come early and you will be sure to stay the whole night!!!  Calle Fernández de la Hoz 53 is where this hidden treasure can be found.


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