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Sunday, February 27, 2011

El Corazón Verde: El Retiro

Private garden parties, running of the bulls, midnight festivities, theatrical representations...This is what the Retiro hosted during the times of King Philip IV in the 17th century.  Now open for everyone to enjoy El Parque Retiro encompasses over 184 acres of gardens that were before the private gardens of the king.  Where it was once an exclusive area of rest for only royalty, it is today available to anyone.

Everyone goes to El Retiro: Locals, visitors, families, friends,
couples, performers, musicians, runners, etc... Anything is possible in this green getaway.  One would assume that in a city, the gardens would not survive, but the plethora of flowers, trees, and lush vegetation do not fail to entrance the curious visitor.  From a picnic to a jog to a walk with a special someone, El Retiro is the place to let nature and good company take you over.  Located within the center of Madrid,  El Retiro: el corazón verde is waiting for you!

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