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Swapping the sea, coral reefs, rocks, and water for the city, cafes, restaurants, and streets of what is now my sea...Madrid
The Madrid Mermaid

Monday, June 4, 2012

...and it´s summer!

I give you this beautiful drawing done by my best friend Mariah Jakosky, like an adventurous mermaid myself, Mariah has swam to Sydney, Australia where she is now studying fashion.  With a passion for the sea, inspired by the sun and chic colorful beach life, Mariah is swimming ever so successfully in her cosmopolitan sea of Sydney. Keep eyes out, for soon you shall expect to see my creative, funky and free spirited best friend launch her first bikini line...  

That sound of the final click of my pen, the feeling of finishing the last exam,  walking out to a city covered by the June sun, seeing terraces upon terraces lining the streets of the Spanish capital...this is only an inkling of the beginning of summer.

As I begin to crawl out of the cave of studies, I can finally come back to writing about what truly inspires me: the colors, smells, events, new surprises and discoveries of my sea...Madrid.  This summer, both the months of June and July, I will not be leaving Madrid for the callings from professionalism have kept me to stay by doing an internship.  In August, also known as the "time to flee to the sea month," I will be in Croatia working for 6 weeks, reunited with The Yacht Week to give you more exciting surprises and insight on what goes on at this marvelous and international gathering of fun and sun.  6 weeks at sea, once again with my laptop, an international buzz in the air, new faces, and more surprises to awaken your curiosity.

As for now, let´s focus on one journey at a time...June and July in Madrid...couldn´t pick a better month to gather inspiration...the months of the rooftops terraces...long days...opening parties...colors...days by the pool...late runs in the park...bikini shopping...passion fruit sorbet...let the city take over...summer has arrived.

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