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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Marqués de Riscal: Flavors come in pairs

Last night, in the Aula Marqués de Riscal, after having learned everything there is to know about white wine, we had a 2 and a half hour course dedicated to vino tinto.  I was surrounded by gastronomic professionals in the room that basically told me wine drinking is an art.  The more practice you have at tasting it, the more possible it is to develop a profound appreciation and desire for it.  

Based on color, is it ruby or cherry red?

Based on smell, does it have notes of chocolate, cinnamon, dried fruit, or a pastry shop?

Based on texture, is it smooth or difficult to swallow?

We tasted five different wines, each one older and more expensive than the first, so the best one was as you can imagine, saved for last.

After having been enriched of a day's worth of wine culture, we went over to enjoy Francis Paniego's gastronimic creations, one of the most internationally recognized chefs today.  The dinner was called Cena Maridaje-Dinner of pairs which means that every single course was paired purposely with a different type of wine that paired flavors beautifully together.

To name a few of the tastes of the night that may inspire you...

Truffle-chestnut soup with an egg yolk on top

Smoked red peppers in organic olive oil of the region

Mint lime ice cream with frozen bananas

Honey ice cream on top of a crunch caramel pastry and crisp apples

Never did gastronomy and the world of flavors look so vibrant and, not to mention, well-organized.

Francis Paniego

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