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Friday, February 24, 2012

Your Sunday Plan-LA LATINA!


Sundays are usually thought of as being "the annoying day before the new week starts."  To a pessimist, Sunday is a day to not move, do nothing, mope around and complain about starting the weekly ritualistic routine.   An optimist on the other hand will see Sunday as a day off to relax, see an exhibit, enjoy good company and maybe take on an adventure throughout the city.

In Madrid there is an entire neighborhood called La Latina dedicated to Sunday plans.  It is filled with everything from funky bars to quaint cafes and retro restaurants.  This neighborhood is the place to be on a Sunday if you are in the mood to be social and have a good time.  Everyone gathers together here on a late Sunday afternoon to grab a bite to eat or sip a fresh and minty mojito.  You can also find your traditional Spanish taverns playing good music while serving tapas and vino tinto.   

I suggest to arrive no later then 4 o´clock in the afternoon because the neighborhood begins to fill up as if a major event was about to happen.  There are plenty of bars and cafes to choose from.  Two of my favorites are the terrace top at El Viajero-known for its 80s music and mojitos or La Musa-a very eclectic cafe, known for its vertical garden and classic tapas.  Stay in tuned for a more detailed description of the two!

La Latina is known for being the afternoon plan of a lazy Sunday, BUT do not be surprised if you find yourself staying out with the crowd until 12 or even 1 o´clock in the morning!  Afterall I would say that La Latina could be compared to a siren, it has a very temptuous reputation of making the visitors stay for more time than they expected!

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