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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Incubator of Creation, Innovation, and Optismism

French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson once said “For the world is movement, and you cannot be stationary in your attitude toward something that is moving.”

There is a difference between someone who observes and someone who just looks.  An observer tends to see things differently from a “looker.” Observant people discover interesting and inspiring things because deep within kindles a desire or a certain motivation to feed their knowledge.  It is almost like a subconscious magnetic force that draws them to discover these new and creative concepts...SO to understand the quote above we cannot be “stationary” people in a world where things are constantly being invented, created, recycled and redesigned.

utopic_US Usina de Transformación Creativa
Usina de Transformación Creativa literally means creative processing plant in English.
1. What is this utopic_US?
A company open to many different types of multidisciplinary creative professionals who are committed to the achievement of their dreams.  Motivation, democracy, enthusiasm, creativity, innovation, OPTIMISM, and open mindedness are some of the many important characteristics each individual has.  The creative people involved in this project are dedicated to the development of not only a physical space of action and inspiration, but also dedicated to the incubation of ideas and innovation made to transport the physical onlooker to a reality never seen before.

2. Close your eyes and imagine...
You walk into a space where aspiring artists, designers, chefs, actors, DJs, and musicians are all together in one giant magical room...All of them have different talents, but all of them share one thing: creativity.  The physical area?  Like an enormous exhibition space, a museum where the art can actually be physically handled, a lounge with live music,  a vintage walk-in dress up closet, a bar with authentic wines and tapas....A multi-sensory space with micro utopias made into a reality by the collaborators who want to change the typical ways of doing business and forms of communication.  All of them together concentrate on the importante of being active, being part of something together, believing in something common, and producing work in the most electic way possible.

In the words of the creators utopic_US is a generator of new energies, a hybrid space that reunites the characterisitics of a laboratory, training center, study, living room and kitchen where a variety of ingredients are mixed and experimented in many different ways...

WHEN: First Sunday of every month 12-20h
WHERE: Calle Concepción Jerónima 22
ADVICE: Be an observer and don´t miss the next utopic_Sunday event!

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