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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vintage Clothing goes POP-UP!

If you think it, do it.  Anything is possible with a little bit of creativity, motivation and initiation.  The concept of a pop-up store is exactly the perfect way to display innovation and creativity in the most spontaneous way possible.  It is this concept of the pop-up store, previously mentioned in one of my posts that grabs the attention of the curious wanderer.  A pop-up store encompasses everything from eclecticism to surprise and ideally masters the idea of spontaneity and innovation.

In a city like Madrid, the idea of a pop-up store is what spreads inspiration.  Just as the word goes "pop-up" is something that stems from an idea, is made into a reality and within a short amount of time goes away.  The pop-up store may go away, physically speaking, but what remains is an explosion of new ideas and new ways in which to present something, whether it be art, music, fashion or design.  After having some experience with art history and the art world, who knows, maybe pop-up will soon become pop-upism a movement based on pure creativity and spontaneity...

So...what would be a real-life example of this pop-up store?!

Just this past Friday, my friends and I decided to venture out to a pop-up store, this one being a total dedication to vintage clothing from three of the world´s most retro cities: LONDON...PARIS...BERLIN

Two young and hip graduated fashion students, Alejandra Catalán and Constanza Balsameda were the masters behind CATSSAC pop-up store.  They themselves traveled to the three locations to find the treasures, present them together in a very aesthetically colorful way, and make them available and ready for the  curious vintage-fashionista shoppers :).  From jackets to belts to whimsical head pieces to cocktail dresses and funky purses, CATSSAC seemed more like a girl´s dream of a big dress up room than a reality.  The store was "up" only on Friday from 11:30-21:00.  The girls told me that next time they will hope to have their store available for a longer amount of time, but at least it holds true to the idea of "get it while it´s hot!"

Stay in tune for the next pop-up events from Alejandra and Constanza!

Check out Alejandra´s very own blog:

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