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Friday, October 21, 2011

Tastes like sophistication

Being classy never goes out of style.

Seems to me that now-a-days art can be found not only on a canvas but in the kitchen, on the street, or in a brand that masters the art of the expresso.  Precisely, Nespresso is the brand that represents this sort of peculiar way of describing and discovering a different type of art.  The product itself, the rich, bold, exotic taste of the coffee reflects the brand values.  Values where the brand represents the sophisticated, elegant, and ambitious human being in today´s day and age.

Apart from the face of George Clooney or the strong taste of a coffee bean grown, roasted, and delicately shipped from Brazil, Nespresso has a variety of shops in which the product itself can be enjoyed (without charge) or purchased to have in one´s home.  The interior of the shop echoes a Romanesque type style of architecture juxtaposed with Nespresso´s´s own touch of modernity.  A step into the store transcends you into this sort of surreal, cosmopolitan, sophisticated world.  Think of the ancient Roman baths filled with the many diverse matte colors and sharp architectonic aspects of the shop that so characterize the Nespresso image.

In Madrid two of my favorite Nespresso shops can be found on Calle José Ortega y Gasset and Calle Velázquez.  

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