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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sweetness Runs in the Family

Charming, inviting, cozy, splendid, picturesque, simply delicious!

Owned and managed by both brother and sister, Luis and Cristina have made their pastry shop, Campos de Retana more than just a place to buy home-made delicacies and freshly baked bread.  It is impossible to pass Campos de Retana on the street without taking a stop to peak in and see what this lovely place has to offer.  From outside one can see a tasteful display of the exquisitely made pastries, breads, and other sweet temptations.  The mix of the coral interior and dim lights illuminate every aspect of the shop.  Walk inside and expect to be offered a warm cup of tea or coffee accompanied by a pastry too beautifully made to be eaten.  It is not uncommon to feel like a guest in this pastry shop because of the warm, open, and kind way the siblings treat their customers.

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