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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time for Tea

The Madrileños, people known for their love of being outside and being part of the vibrant life on the street will soon need to find comfort in the warmth of a cafe or even better de thé.  What may seem to appear to be a simple tea shop from the window will soon surprise you as you enter and discover a charming atmosphere.  Located in Barrio Salamanca, Vailima, a tea salon that has everything from French pastries to exotic teas from distant lands is just what I will need as the cold weather begins to urge me inside!

 Do not be afraid to be adventurous while ordering because the menu has an abundant list of teas coming from Japan, Thailand, the Middle East, and other exotic places.  

Once you have your freshly brewed tea, it is a must to accompany it with one of Vailima’s authentically made pastries.  The pastries are made every day and put on display.  The beautiful display makes it even more difficult to choose amongst the macaroons, croissants, pain aù chocolat, briôches, eclairs, and various tea cakes.  You can find this sweet spot on calle General Pardiñias 54!

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